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Wed, Aug. 30th, 2006, 09:54 pm

First off, I'm trying to get this out there as soon as possible so I'm sorry for my lack of grammar and spelling.

Voldemort is back and he's not happy. He has enlisted the aide of the werewolves, as lead by Fenrir Greyback. Dumbledore, seeing this as a moment of opportunity, requested for Remus Lupin to join the werewolves. Greyback, not trusting Lupin, sends him to do a task: free the Death Eaters from prison.

Meanwhile, Narcissa Malfoy seeks to free Lucius herself. She confronts the Dark Elves (the new controllers of Azkaban who are far more sadistic than the creepy Dementors) and in change for her husband, they steal her beauty. To anyone outside viewing her, she is a beautiful as ever-- however anything she sees of herself, reflection included, is hideous and masked. She recieves her husband, but realizing her mistake and fearing for his family's life, he erases her memory of the escape and disapears.

Draco is given the task of killing Dumbledore.

Bellatrix, Remus, Fenrir, Savage, and other werewolves arrive to Azkaban. Bellatrix planned to free only Lucius, but in a fit decided to free them all. Antonin (a muggle torturer and assassin who I think would be a good character for you. He shows up only one other time) Dolohov, Avery, Rodolphus Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Crabbe Sr, Doyle Sr, any many, many more! This of course caused a fight at Azkaban between the werewolves and the elves. A port key allowed the team to escape. Voldemort was fairly indifferent to her act of rebelion, secretly happy to have his men back. However Lucius was nowhere to be found.

Sirius Black returned from the Land Beyond the Veil. Nobody knows why. Tonks, feeling sorry for her lonely cousin, allowed him to move into her flat. She had been assigned to be undercover with the underground Vampire society leaivng her flat empty most of the time. Naturally, Sirius wanted to see Harry, and he did. Sirius quickly finds out about Tonks's love for Remus, and Sirius is quick to mention the crush to his best friend. Sirius is eventually pardoned and adopts an alter ego named Desmond.

Remus is busied with the werewolves. Fenrir accepts him and offers many of his commodities, which include wine, women (female werewolves who are treated like property or objects) and importantly: Oro. Scales from an Oro Dragon (located in the mountain ranges of South America) are toxic to humans, however produce a beautiful high to werewolves. Remus decides he prefers the idea of a woman loving him than a woman being shoved in his general direction. That idea festers and turns into a mutual crush. Unfortunately for him, one particular full moon he went without wolfsbane and murdered Susan Bones. He confessed to Dumbledore, and the murder was written up in the Daily Prophet, but the murder was only coined as another werewolf killing and no killer has been named.

Rodolphus keeps himself mysteriously busy with writing in a book and various letters. This does not help Bellatrix's paranoia who believes Rodolphus is about to get her. Meanwhile, a mysterious person intercepts one of the owls flying out of the Lestrange Manor. The stranger follows the coordinates to Peru where he finds Lucius. Lucius owns and orchestrates the Oro drug cartel with the werewolves, and is thus one of his large sources of income and power. The strange reveals himself to be Severus Snape, who speaks of overthrowing Voldemort. It is not Snape, but rather Regulus Black who did not perish as previously believed. Draco visits his father in Peru as well. Lucius assumes that it is too easy to find him and decides to face Riddle once more (only after agreeing to side with Regulus.) Regulus remains in Peru and has never been seen again.

Gilderoy Lockhart, still escaped from the hospital, believes he needs to make a grand return to the life he assumes he had: of adventure, danger, and wooing the ladies. After a brief palm reading with Trelawney, he is warned of vampires. He then direct proceeds to find the biggest vampire den of all of London. Luckily, Tonks is also stationed there. Gilderoy, accidentally, challenges the lead manservant to Druce (leader of the vampires) to some unknown vampiric thingy. Tonks decides to settle it, being that she was practically draped over the manservant's arm, and has the bartender serve up drinks for them all. One of them intentionally spiked with some eurphoric-causing drug. The manservant, being a prick, declines the drink and forces Tonks to drink it to prove that it was not poisonous. Minutes later, Vampire!Tonks (who assumes the persona of "Rose") and Gilderoy are shacking up in her flat, MUCH to Sirius's shock. Sirius moves out into his own appartment to live as Desmond.

Draco was out and about during the summer, mainly fueling a growing alcoholism, since Voldemort In a bar he once met under-cover Tonks (as a vampire named Rose) and they proceeded to have a drinking contest. Rose won (barely) and took the unconscious Draco out to the alley, removed his pants, and gave him a lot of fake vampire bites to make it look like Rose had his way with him. He was quite proud of that. Draco later receives a run in with a possible new potions master, Jason Frost, and Jason offers his protection. When Draco arrives in Peru, Lucius tells him to kill Jason Frost. Draco agrees, but by the time he goes to find Frost, he's dead in his shower (avadaed by Voldemort.)

Samantha is a werewolf who does not belong to The Pack. She works at the apothecary in London, serving materials for potions and the like to the wizarding community. She has befriended Tonks, Remus, has met Fenrir (he was posing as a frenchman named Pierre), and Sirius. She also seems to know Kingsley and Hestia. She is carrying a secret...

Tonks is a mess after sleeping with Gilderoy, since she loves Remus. She is out one night as vampire Rose again, drunk, when she appears to meet a dog. The dog, of course, is actually Remus in werewolf form under the influence of wolvesbane. Remus grabs her hand (with his mouth) -- but a fellow vampire sees this and attacks the wolf. This resparks the War between the Werewolves and the Vampires that had been at a standstill since the 1930s. The vampires are typically street gangs, angry teenagers frozen time. They are usually not wizards/witches but rather humans. They enjoy and live the club scene. Werewolves live in sewers and while they are more refined, still live with a dog/pack mentality. A vampire by the name of Druce is vamp leader, while Fenrir of course is the wolf leader. Back to the war, after Remus 'attacks' Rose, Remus is quickly outnumbered and taken away by the vampires to torture. The next morning, Tonks finds Remus tied to the roof. She tells him "it's over." and releases him, then apparates him away. They spend the night together, however do not sleep (sex) together. After a few hours of sleep, Tonks goes outside to find the newspaper story breaking the werewolf killing of Susan Bones. Tonks hides the newspaper away from Remus. Before she can go back inside the auror safehouse, she is approached by Rowena Williamson and Kingsley Shaklebolt. They lead her away. She returns.

Dumbledore calls a Order Meeting.

Andromeda returns to the Order and Dumbledore asks her to befriend and stay close to Snape

Bellatrix finally snaps and locks Rodolphus in the attic. She beelines immediately to Lucius. Lucius comes home from his business with Bellatrix (real business, not sex business) to find his wife Narcissa in the same bed as Rabastan who seems to have broken out of his insane stupor. While they did not fornicate, Lucius believes otherwise.

Voldemort calls a Death Eater Meeting.

Remus returns to Grimmald Place to cry and likc his wounds when he finds Tonks... they give up and begin to kiss, but Remus freaks out and apparates away back to the meeting spot where Lucius had told him to be. Lucius arrives and proceeds to take Remus to various upper-crust wizard stores to buy him a "proper" wardrobe (and the same cologne as Lucius) so that he may be properly outfitted for Remus' new and extended stay with Bellatrix.


So... Dumbledore is dead and all is sad in the world.

Sirius Black is almost now a complete alcoholic. In his drunkeness he attaches himself more to Samantha Johnson, who is still watching Remus and Tonks.

Tonks has locked herself away in Hogsmeade who is also dangerously attached to liquor-- it obviously runs in the family.

Snape takes to hiding in an alley, being that he's wanted for murder.

Lucius uses his son as a bargaining chip to win the favor of the school board, and administers an exam that the students purposely fail. He then is able to remove Minerva from her Headmistressship and be replaced by the Malfoy himself.

Draco is arranged to be married Elizabeth Chambers, a Ravenclaw.

Remus and Tonks meet once again, unfortunately watched by Samantha. Samantha makes herself known and caused a drunk Tonks to go into a fit of hysteria.

Sirius visits her sad little cousin, Tonks. In a strange, sick, twist of fate, they share a kiss. This pushes Tonks off the deep end.

Voldemort visits Harry in his sleep and gives him the Dark Mark in a dream. While the mark is not visible, Harry can feel it burn his arm while awake.

The Auror (Tonks) gives herself up to Internal Affairs Auror, Rowena Williamson who presses ahead with a long court case.

Sirius goes into the sewers to pick a fight with the werewolves and meets Savage. He there looses his wand and is taken to meet Fenrir, who promptly begins to hurt the drunken wizard. Remus enters and saves the day, however the friendship between Sirius and Remus is questioned, since Remus' cover has now been blown.

In the case, Samantha, Kingsley, Alastor, Hestia, Savage, Gilderoy, and on accident, Sirius testify. It is revealed that Tonks is "married" (unknown if true) to Gilderoy, Samantha is a werewolf herself, and Remus is the companion of Bellatrix. Savage lied bluntly to the court, being that he is the true mole and also a werewolf. It is revealed that vitaserum does not work completely on werewolves.

Tonks is found guilty and sentenced to life in Azkaban.

Rowena Johnson is mysteriously killed in her office.

Sirius Black is declared as the murder, since his wand was found and revealed that a AK was the last spell cast.